How to Travel by Train With a Baby Safely and Easily

Train travel is a long way from dying out, especially in places like Europe and Asia. It's one of the primary ways to get around in those areas of the world. It's making a bit of a comeback in the United States, though. If you have to travel with an infant, it can be easy or hard depending on how well you prepare for it. Here are a few train travel tips for those of you with babies.

If it's a pleasure trip, you want to avoid traveling during peak hours and around holidays. Travel during these times can be hectic and your baby will probably not like all the noise and things that go along with that. The longer the trip is, the more likely you'll want to book a room on the train instead of a simple coach seat. Don't underestimate how nice a quiet roomette can be versus a crowded train car.

Don't pack a whole lot. You'll have to carry it all to your seat or your roomette, depending on which one you chose. This makes it a little more difficult if you're traveling with the baby alone. In this situation, an infant carrier would be best, so you can carry the baby and all of your things at the same time.

Don't even bother trying to sit in the quiet car. People ride in this car specifically for the quiet it provides and babies are loud at the most inopportune times. Avoid it or risk a lot of eye rolls at you.

Whenever you get to your destination, your baby will probably need a bath. Bathing your baby while on vacation is easy, if you bring along the right travel tub. The best ones for this are usually inflatable, so they'll fit perfectly into any bag you bring with you on the train. You can see a few different types of these on


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